'original and powerful'

I like that, I like that a lot.
I hope she likes the changes, I wonder what it will be like to see it printed..

Phoned the lettings,
'Do you have your own bedroom?'
'Does your son have his own bedroom?'
'You have 10 points you need at least 25.'

But I've seen babies killed in this house some of them might of been mine my dad drinks to much my mum moans about him drinking too much my sisters tried to kill me and one of them burst my eardrum when I said I was gay I only came back because I broke the system and couldn't move on because I'm the sort of silly tart that has to make sense find closure and know I have I don't hate them anymore its not like they weren't hurt either but the upstairs bathroom is disgusting and I wont clean it cause its my dads mess and there not my parents anyway but they are the closest I have at the moment because my good girl money got mixed with the dirty stuff and I wont touch any of it not that I can remember where any of it is and ive got friends there and everybody lies and it drives me mental and I don't want my son growing up thinking that the best way to deal with shit is to pretend everything is ok which it quite obviously isnt and I want to go home and if I can't go home then I want to start a new one Im much better now I even worked last year which was horrible because I didn't have enough normal experiences growing up and all i see is corruption inequality,bullying and my concentration span is fucked I need to cook in a kitchen where I haven't had to marinate foetuses for the wealthy or felt so much pain my heart stopped

'Can you send out another medical form please?'

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