June 21, 2010


hang on a second
I buy flowers, smelly candals, wine, hash, shave my legs for friking ages and she needs money for lecky, hasdn't cleaned up his flat and spends the sticky money on H. Not amused, more than slightly frustrated..

I am a muppet of course.

3 months out buying flowers and naming kids ffs.


The longest day.

I hope we friends for a very long time but I'm not having my pleasure being such a low priority with my consent, bollox to that. I did well, very well. She bottled more or less, like her effort was all about her; I don't really like that, I know I'm a bit selfish, it take me a while. She is shy too.

Someone has to worship me before I give anything back. I'm not totally comfortable with it but its worked really well with some people.

Probably when a real partnership wasn't an option. The joys!..