June 28, 2010

School dreams!

It's maybe the cold
Not feelin too good this morning, school dreams..
Usual, lost, wrong bus, wrong clothes, not paying enough attention, everything like walking in sand. I think I volunteer for something, then unvolunteered because everyone else was going home.

Fife today I believe, not that I can be arsed. Its probably just the cold, I applied for a good last night, archivist job share. Don't think I've ever read a job description I've liked so much. I could do that! Probably could of guarteened myself an interview through New Deal and haven't though. Not trying that hard! I don't like these kinds of early morning depressed feelings, life on the couch watchin USA tv under a blanket is one thing but waking up feeling like something awful and life changing happened the day before when all I did yesterday was watch England get beat by Germany,read Mansfield and job hunted. At least I could work through the tooth ache, this just feels like a wasteland.