June 15, 2010

I mentioned the pain.

All Hail Txts!

Its unlikely I could of said it face to face, 'organisms hurt'. Two words, and no I can't say 'cum', teenage boys, prostitute clients and slappers cum. I organism! And it hurts, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. I haven't mentioned it to many doctors, far too embarrassed and of course when I have its usually meet with great indifference, but I'm going to give it another go tomorrow. The periods pains have been ridiculous the past few months and the pains there in-between as well and generally makes me tired and want to cry. She seems quite physical, generally up for it and I am a little scared. Have made plans to stay over at the weekend though, no promises.

She asked what sort of flowers and chocolates I like..

Generally when a bloke asks that the alarm start ringing 'player alert', she does txt a little too much about being true and not wanting to mess about. It's a bit early in the day for me for that sort of talk.. but then again I did ask her if she wanted any more kids. Of course slight technical issue in that area and definitely no plans to repeat wee man's conception, no need to worry about organism pain there, eeuu.

Getting used to the new layout but I wish it had been easier to change back to the old one!