June 16, 2010

Got myself a girlfriend then went on the pill.

I think the GP helped she has a way of smiling at me that makes me agree to things that sound preposerous when other people say it. The pill - okay. Not something I have been able to say for a long time. But the ouchies have been tettering into intorable on and off for a very long time now. So does the mood swings and the hormones, I can't function without star flower oil. GLA apparently. Not sure how that will work with the pill, I was okay on it before, I hated being ok on it..

Its all very different now. The tramp only asked for a shag though. I was a bit taken aback what with my son standing 6 foot away and my parents both moving around downstairs. There was hugging though. I can't eat anything...

Sister problem though, it can hangover everyone like a dark cloud. It's one thing when there is dark clouds over everyone else but when there isn't its heart breaking,