May 24, 2015

initiating pinkification..

We are excited.

After living here for eight months of living here, five months since the paint arrived and three months since we took down all the fixings, the decorating of the small bathroom has begun.. All those metal hearts and flowers and butterflies will soon no longer be languishing under piles of stuff. The hardest part, getting the ladder/scaffolding in there without death or injury and then getting paint into the worst to reach corners is done. It is very pink. Paint is never quite the shaded expected but who cares when you go from patchy dirty walls to fresh clean paint.  Swear its down to all the extra communicating with the male parts that has unleashed all this 'feminine' aesthetics.. 'Get what you want.' our comfort is theirs..

We didnt know it would all get started yesterday but we realised that when found ourselfs working in the garden that we were in less pain and had more energy.. Its the landlord that is holding up the living room, there is water damage to fix. We will be quite excited about it when it gets going to. There's a big dream catcher wrapped up in a cupboard for it and hopefully junior wont have pulled all the fluffy feathers out of it by the time it goes up. We have a profound respect for native American cultures.. but it was seeing the decor in Skyrim that gave us the idea as much as anything else..

Special Branch coming round tomorrow.

They are tree specialist company that are hopefully gonna take a chainsaw to our hedge. lol..