May 02, 2015

cupboard clearing

She used sex work to fund the drinking sometimes.  Not sure how much when she lived away. There was one in particular who would hassle me when she wasnt around. There were times when she would try and push us into it. She was busy with baby 'just go with him'. There were rapes of course. We were in various dissociative states and were vulnerable. Particularly to the sort of guy who doesnt mind picking up a very drunk teenager to for sex while her distraught little sister was left with a small baby.

'Sex work' or 'being raped and then handed cash that someone else would take of me' as we called it wasnt exactly a opportunity it was easy to fall into. It was compulsory. If we started tomorrow to be in public places out drinking and talking regularly its quite likely that people would show up and start trying to force us into it again, using drugs, violence and manipulating and bulling people around me.

Still amused in our grim humour way about the MP tweeting people shouldn't pay to watch the boxing because its enabling violence against women.  I mean, where do I start? ..

Boxing in particular, which is of course about nothing else but violence against men and is so completely inhumane on every level that makes it a blindingly obvious example of how uncivilised every nation that thinks its culture is some how more progressive and impartial than its victims.