Not quite so urgent.

Hey Chris,

Listened to a guided muscle relaxation audio last night and tonight. There is so much available for free its overwhelming particularly if you are all ready overwhelmed. Hopeful that we have used one and are quite excited about trying more. Its the only start. Finding new ways to make our muscles somewhere we can be again. Again..

Being in a place where we are eventually following doctors orders with the Gabapentin has been difficult to get to. Theres been so much shame and and anger over not being able to function, we read some tweets that were talking about that same stigma. We are moving away from that place where its impossible to emotionally identify with other peoples horrors. It's a survival thing of course like so much else we rationalise on our horrors being particularly mental. 

Cultural history is the way we challenge that alienation. Its easier to start with by emphasising with people who have been dead for centuries if we feel its to dangerous to be building emotional attachments to humans now. We wrote this last night

What are we interested in?
Women's history. Taking apart the heavy but unquantifiable knowledge that its always like this or that. Knowing that the misogyny we have experienced universally forever.

To wonder about the role of PTSD and DID in history without getting too into the RA.

More not Western European history

How much it's all been about peoples leaving, moving, mixing not always just taking. We know the slave trade as always been huge we don't want that fact to keep us from all others.

To revise and add to our understanding of the history of history and empiricism.

We've also been playing a lot of Windwaker HD..

Love you of course.

(What if I'm wrong!!!!)

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