June 09, 2018

Take it easy..

Our brain is not going to find that easy. Big chunks of it think its just not possible. A small chunk thinks that if we can't we will never be able to because it exists now, its existed in the past even if it all was irradiated over night it would still be impossible for us to take it easy because it will still exist in our mind. A reasonable sized chunk thinks that is Fascist shit. The kind of Fascist shit that turns up in our dreams in all the endless toilets that don't work and lacking in basic privacy.

We know we need that shit out of our brain but that's the point where and how do we do that. By taking it easy.

Its true though. We have done what we needed to do except for getting out of here. We are not going to be able to do that until we have fixed our head more and that will happen all by itself as long as we are in a position to not go through extreme stress or constant anxiety.

We have to remind ourself constantly. Slow down. It seems pointless some shit is gonna happen at some point but that is exactly why we need to heal as much as we can. We win them round by telling them if they want to hurry up the being better then they need to slow down and go easy.