stupid basterding cunting shitty darg

Stupid tablet is being a dick so we are are attempting to write this on the stupid ickle phone. Hate u Apple et al no one Earth might give a fuck about how and where Earth tech comes from but we got fairly comprehensive study of slavery and fascism on Earth out and that includes yourselves of course, our mothers where very proud and relieved we could carry on their work. Stupidly burned my back yesterday by sunbathing on our front without anyone to put sunscreen there. There is a patch of non red skin that is almost hand shaped as it was as far as we could reach. Dumbass.

Stupid hand is getting pretty bad so feeding the flowers we missed last night. Holding a mug of tea is uncomfortable so wandering about with and lifting a big ass watering can is not a good idea. On the non dumbass front think we have treated a headache and stopped it from becoming anything worse. We check the weather a lot so there is plenty sunshine coming we dont need to grab every second of it we can. It wasn't easy making the tea when we were literally peeing every five minutes though. 

Social worker was at the door today she had sent a letter but we hadn’t opened it because we guessed it was one of those automatic attendence letters the school sends out. It was over that recent famine patch when our dumbass child told the school he hadnt had much to eat. The kitchen was a mess of course but from meals i hadnt washed the dishes from and food we hadnt put away. She didnt say anything about coming back. 

Don’t know when we will get a spliff again so things wont be so stupid and misrable anymore. The guy might make more of an effort tomorrow when we do actually have the cash. Dont know he is gonna take it when we start discussing the price, probs not very well. The stuff is ok jst really fucking mild which isnt really ok for us if a haf o is lasting as long as qs have in the past.

The gate is gonna have to wait as next week is skint week again and we need to not run out of everything especially as we need to buy lunches for the lad. Havent folded on our media ban. The longer we go without selfharming via the msm the less inclined we are to do so. Wish it was easier to find something to watch or read that didnt piss us off. So bored. 

Played a new game with junior last night. Dice, adventurers and stuff. Hes been watching vids of folk playing dungeons and dragons type stuff but there is only two of us so that wont work. He would be insufferable as a dungeon master anyway.. maybe being too hard on him there but his bossiness drives us nuts..

Its gonna be too hot to sleep tonight isn't it? Especially as we went back to sleep in the morning cause we hadn't had enough lonely scared sweaty dreams of being lost. Just the same as being awake then? 

Honeysukle looks like it might has not been too pissed off being blown over. Would be wonderful to see it in bloom. Tablet is saying its fully charged now but will probs turn itself off without warning in a highly irksome manner. Really impossible to post photots to posts on the tiny screen though.

Cmon honeysuckle we can do this..

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