June 02, 2018

Friday June 1st

We forgot to say we got some pics of the blue tit. We moved the feeder since this was taken and there is one that always gets confused and flies into things when I move it. That one is a scruffy wee thing compared this one who is around a lot. They perk on the clematis trellises and strip bits of them sometimes is pretty cute.

Got drunk by the fire last night.

Missing my soldiers really badly.

Its box shaped.

All the stuff arrived for the new wicker planters today. There are considerably less sturdy than the plastic but aren't they cute?

Probs the wrong light to show them off proper, and we forgot to put the butterfly back up!! No it was not easy getting them up there, it was hot, heavy and we had to get the step ladder involved. They are up now though and I'm sure we will get at least one summer out of the planters they are gonna look amazing when the plants in them get going.

Picked about seven little orange slugs of the one small plant this evening.. So pleasant out there though.

The ferns. As promised..

The unfurling. Love the unfurling.

Baby fern growing up fast in its new spot.

Moved the repeatedly stamped on fern to and its recovering under the buddleia.