still refusing to budget

Didn't get much done today but wasn't expecting to. When managed well to not overdo it with the weed because we were still headachy but when we saw the lad of to school we were really happy to find our head painless and just wanted to smoke and smoke and smoke. There wasn't much left anyway. Hope we make some effort to drink more water at least during the day its a damn hassle that drinking lots of water makes for even more peeing and not being able to sleep because we keep having to get up to pee every ten minutes rather than our usual twenty.

Increasingly want and need to sort out the kitchen a bit but it wasn't happening today probably even if we hadn't ran out. Might of washed more dishes and that would of made for a less of a job tomorrow. Its depressingly filthy down there nor helped by missing bin day last week and the child that never bloody listens taking out the wrong colour bin this week. Its summer honey the bins have to go out. How many times did I tell you green and get you to repeat that it was green bin day so why did you take out the blue?!?! Others followed suit though and put out the same colour as he did though again and that's kinda funny. Tempted to put out the wrong colour wait until others copy and then put out the right one. Mwah ha ha. Wouldn't be such a hassle but some scum stole the extra big landfill bin the council gave us to help clear the house.

We had a fried egg, toast and lime pickle for lunch outside and put a couple of loads of f washing out. Had macaroni partly made by the dude for tea. Then had to use the pound that fell out the washing machine to get tea bags because we have done it again we are super skint. We don't know how to not buy strawberries, new potatoes and that Australian pink wine that is crazy drinkable and is proper strength when its sunny. We figured liquids that can be seen through  are best when attempting to take it easy and it worked. Not looking forward to four fucking days of trying to figure what we can eat with no cash and our belly is really sensitive at the moment which means we feel sick if we don't eat regularly. Got pork and noodles for tomorrow don't know about after that. Took chicken out to make curray days ago but were still too weak so ended up getting what we wanted from the Chinese and now we won't be touching that chicken its been there to long. Can't exactly manage budgeting never mind budgeting for a migraine recovery fund. It really pisses us off that no one is helping us. We understand how this has all come about but that just gives us more reasons to be angry.

Never neglected my flowers though. Dead headed, watered the borders and fed those that looked like they could use it. 

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