Monday, the day before Tuesday.

Early night and early morning, good chance we can do the same tonight. Hope so, really hope so because on top of the knackerness of so much to do, no cooker to cook decent meals with and no money to eat out or get something delivered we now are out of baccy to. And it's only fucking 1844.

Middle school seems pretty decent, we were actually a little jealous. It didn't have that stupefyingly triggering school smell. He seemed to like it to. Huge bonus of course. The worst part with the school and the docs was the whole "next of kin" thing.. Very short of surviving volunteers there.

Still dealing with boxes and decor and chuffness and exhaustedness at home. Room is feeling very mine and the piles of decor are becoming smaller and less overwhelming. I'm sure after lots of food we will be less intimidated by thought of opening up the Xmas boxes and dealing with the tree bought for a property considerable larger than this. Shiny stuff, Xmas movies and munchies with the lad is something to look forward to especially as we figured out we have an Xbox one s and therefore do actually have a power cable, it was attached to a sky router in a basket we meant to get rid of but thankfully didn't. Was a lovely relief to hear the little bee boop sound. Lad doesn't know. He's sound asleep. Wish I was. Want nicotine. Need weed.

Hot chocolate will have to do and the pray the lad doesn't wake us up just as we are getting to sleep..

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