So there is no "Paul" but there is a David. Is that right?

Prove ID at the job centre went OK. We have ID which of course helped a lot. So very glad we took the citizen card out if our purse years ago because we lost several purses since then and it would of been a serious pain. Got an instant advance to so the rent was only a day late. Very wincy amount of money gonna be coming out of our unknown amount of benefits for the next year. Doctor yesterday seemed like a nice guy as well checked our hands better than anyone else has 'wear and tare arthritis " figured. Unfair and figured. Didn't pick up the prescriptions he gave me though because this is England and we had no idea if we qualified for free ones and haven't ran out of anything we need most just yet. Kind of helps knowing there is diazipam there for us even though we haven't picked it up, should of just ticked the ESA box of course.

Managed our first walk about by our self with our jammie bottoms on under our grubby old tracky trousers. The freezing cold, not knowing the place well and the time stopped us from from pushing ourself too far and getting lost or just overdoing do it coz its so beautiful. Being able to look out at the sea by ourself is so very wonderful. Sky feels bigger to. There's so much to see. Its such a pretty little town we really wish we were able to wander about more often without pain, anxiety, tiredness etc keeping us indoors. We are still recovering from the move and its winter, hopefully we will enjoy it more often when its warmer. At least we are better at the self care we dont forget anymore that we cant go far in case we dissociate and because we will need to pee. Its been a nasty couple of weeks for chronic cramping. The mini pill might mean mini periods in terms of the red stuff not so with the pain it's had us quite queasy at times.

Can't quite believe we are here still. Shouldn't we be waiting in the cold at the station to go back to a house that triggers and is way too big for us to cope with, where very few people smile or say hi even though we have been there for years and neighbours boasting about raping us and murdering others? There's a lot general friendliness and folk saying "morning" down here. We like that.

Junior seems to be loving the middle school like we thought he would. We ask what he has done and he says "lots of stuff". For the first year ever he actually enjoyed Muppets Christmas Carol with us to. Excellent.

So good to have food and be able to cook it! Still really really want and kinda need some kind of cannabis, like we knew the doc wasnt happy with our blood pressure but think the little walk helped. Got some meat for the freezer for christmas day to. Big lumps of cheap stuff is gonna last us longer than the slivers of posh stuff we would get for same money.

We still not finished getting fire place nicer but here's some other stuff. Its all our bits and pieces in a different place. :-)

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