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Took it easy today. Well except for carrying the asda shop up the stairs. That was quite back hurting. Stacked freezer though. Bunch of stuff hidden away so the lad does scoff of all. Lots of wine, the brandy, chocolate, trimmings, desserts. All we need is the fresh stuff tatties and if we can source them without going to a supermarket coz that that's not happening, parsnips. Do love a roasted parsnip or two. And of course cannabis. Diazepam just doesn't touch the need for weed. It helps us sleep but it's hard to feel better for lots of sleep when the dreams are just so yucky, horrible, uncomfortable even of we do seem to be standing up for our self more in them they are not nice dreams but they are really fucking vivid and all the intense detailed unpleasantnesses keeps us pretty miserable and feeling hopeless even though we we are in a less hopeless and depressing place in terms of where we live. We still have our body.

Got some bill based adulting to do tomorrow also got to clean the mini kitchen. Not that it will take long and hang the wreath on the door, washing of course, maybe wrap some presents so we don't have to do it all on Xmas eve, that's no fun. Not attempting a proper meal on the eve this year, snacks and party food in front of the telly and some games.

Been thinking about that little pub between here and pabs school. It looks so cozy and Christmasy we are longing to go in. Might just do that for a little while when he's at school and then walk with him home when he gets out. It looks like an old guys place but some relaxed adult company for a little while would be cool. Loneliness is getting pretty crushing. Don't expect there is any hope of establishing a contact but might take some cash. Way more than we would ever spend on pints, just in case.

Tearing up at the mere suggestion of cannabis based relief. Gonna wrap some stocking fillers. Ho bloody ho.

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