Poor Princess

Knew it wasn't gonna be good when we saw "cat lady" come up on the phone. Jess is okay she was always cooler with us not being around for a while. Prince as they are calling him is still suffering. Hiding all the time and scratched some one. Checked with the agency landlord won't budge on the no pets. Kind of had is in right state yesterday after the call. Too upset to sleep which is a shame because we've been sleeping much better and now that pattern is all ruined. The lad was up with a funny tummy and is fevered today so all we had to do at half eight is leave a message and say he won't be coming in. Good in terms of having to organise him after only a few hours sleep scuppered my pub plans though. Might of ditched the idea because of anxiety anyway.

Did go out for milk though and a couple more stocking fillers and a new fluffy blanket to try and comfort and calm us. So fucking sick and pissed of at being so weepy and close to tears so much of the fucking time. I don't want pain killers even though I'm in pain, don't want antianxiety pills even though I'm anxious. We are taking the antidepressants and we probably wouldn't of managed the flat finding and flit without them but any increase in activity seems to result in feeling more upset. I'm not sure if even the antidepressants if they put us up to the max dose are gonna help much with that. Better give the booze a break to.

Its horrible feeling upset all the time and knowing there is something that fixes that but we can't get it.

Watched a cool Japanese/American film last night, pabs  choice it was pretty fabulous can't remember what it was called, named after then main kid in it. The mom had serious dissociation issues, we felt comforted seeing that. He got his her and his hero warrior dad back in the end though. Felt a bit for Pabs then and us.

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