Grinchey Mother Fuckers

Not I would expect any better from Clarence and co, someone who had a go at Margo's level of house cleaning. He wants his tenents to stop him from needing to spend a penny on his property so he can just sit back and take the money. We did think all the talk about understanding the circumstances when we handed over the keys was bollocks. The cunt has caused serious stress and tears for Margo, Laura and us. Last time though. They're dead and I'm gone. The assistant sent photos of the mess left and an attempt to shame us, their are always about the shaming, detritus and bags of rubbish - shock! An unclean cooker - awful! Bathroom with soap bottle and a strip that comes of a pad so you can stick them to your knickers - oh the horror!! The decorator's ladder and unused paint - how dare we!! We did of course say we would do what we could and would focus on the furniture and clearing the shed but would be physically unable to clean and would have to leave before the removals guys had finished. One of them broke the glass front to a cabinet that we had bloody cleaned but didnt put back in place because its always falling out in the kitchen so of course that's another reason for them to keep the entire £500.

Soo no money for this months rent due tomorrow as yet. No housing benefit because of universal credit and me not wanting to apply earlier because we needed the ESA for a cooker and food. We texted back that we are classed as severely disabled and have an autistic son and moved into a place with blood stained carpets one of which we replaced ourself, she said she would count up how much they spent on cleaning and clearing and get back to me. I'm not holding my breath. Really wish I hadn't worked so hard and spent so much money on getting rid of what I could though. We've been going without meals. Or if they had even just got back to me last week when we very asking about it instead of leaving it for me to get in touch again this week and to be told they didn't remotely mean it when they said they would be taking my health and circumstances into consideration and keeping money me and my son need when they dont because they are greedy heartless Scroungey cunts.

Just to top off our awful day the electrians who said "aye no bother five minute job" about the cooker last week txted today to say Friday at earliest. We phoned around and a guy said he will do it today but asked for 40 we of course had to say yep, we need real meals and can't afford to not be cooking. Hope he shows else we will have an asda delivery we mostly can't do anything with and will of had a very cold, painful and stressful walk to the cash machine for nothing.

Wine though. And cooker!! Dude is on his way.

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