Could see outside from bed today, pretty cool

Pain just friggin awful. Dude got us playing a board game and that helped distract us for a while after that we did some sorting out and moving stuff. In that horrible place where we don't want to move then when we do start doing stuff it helps distract and we don't wanna stop but we know the more we do the worse it will be and the harder it will be to eat coz we are so tired.

Dreams horrible and that always has us feeling weak and tearful.

Will be able to put up some decor tomorrow though that will be seriously pleasing. Not has fun as it would be if we had cannabis to help with the nightmare triggers, pain and knowing where things look right. But still lovely though. Not breaking open the Xmas boxes yet though will start with other stuff. Also gotta figure what bags and piles of clothes are clean and which are dirty and where to put them and that won't be so fun.

Still smiling to be here though and not caring about how much less space there is. Put books on our bookcase, struck us how much sorting we did in the weeks before the move. We've done really well, course there was gonna be fuck ups and stuff we just couldn't get round to, and wish we had done a better job at keeping money so we could of eaten out or ordered a cooker before now. But we have got dudes Xmas pretty much sorted except for stocking fillers can't be regretting that. £20 quid on Xmas window stickers was a bit unnecessary but we probs won't think that when they arrive..

Soup in bowl, then in micro.. We can do it.


Pea and ham. Nom.

Same deal when trying to read up on UC total weepy panic, pain at levels where I want to hurt myself somewhere else to distract from it. Did find out it doesn't effect my DLA though. The monthly thing is freaking us out, before housing benefit was paid directly to landlord and gas and electric were on prepayment meters. Very hard for us to keep in mind what needs to be paid. Think some parts think someone else will deal with it, some genuinely forget, and some probably think its best we get ourself into bother and have to go without rather than get punished for coping and managing our needs.

Hay at least we got no dealers down here! Would really struggle to manage then but we would have weed sometimes and that would be really really nice.

Its not fair.

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