Fuck "at least"

No mention of capability assessment yet but a good bit less than what we were getting before, no full housing benefit of course and they are taking 80 off a month because I can't work, moved home and needed to pay rent and eat while they work out how much unnecessary suffering they can get away with piling on people are already suffering. That five week bullshit is particulary nasty. Shitty for the unemployed and low waged but for us unfit its punishment for being alive and not having other sources of support. Its all so set up for people who can work, bugger all consideration for people who are trying but can't find fuck all and even less for disabled and chronically ill.

Was thinking about writing to ask for the rest of the money for rent because we can't move again and what we have is very suitable for my fucked up self and aspergersy son. Still working on the application for reduced housing benefit though. Hate it and struggling with it but I think its mostly done. People with power in British institutions played a very big part in enslaving and torturing me and violently extracting me from places where we were treated well and forcing me to live under a fake name with a fake family and in fake communities, they rendered me incapable of supporting myself while making sure we never see any justice then they make benefits system even more painful than it was.

Hey we moved out of Fife to a place we are not sickened and terrified by its not like they are not going to take something from us for that. Petty or evil that's all we get here.

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