Where you at bro?

She's over the border. Everything she said would happen has happened. You out for good now coz your all cozy and you got back up? She don't. She probably does if someone tries to take her or the kid out but no one she can call if she just knows or thinks their on their way. She lost her sisters coz everyone pretending they all threatened and like she and her sisters didn't tell you all you needed to know and the only things you could do and how much a little difference makes to us out here. Taking the easy road huh? Just gonna stumble into that ditch like you sleep walking, like you can't see and smell and feel where you are coz death, being nothing is better than facing truth, the whole truth of what they are, what she is and her sisters were, what you were, what you is and what you almost was? Nothing scarier than eyeing that mirror awaken huh? Don't worry you got lots around you to keep you under and keep you pretending all of her and most of you ain't real. Not as real as what you got anyway, cash, credit, family, friends, career, healthcare, you got all you need and she just like her sisters they murdered is someone else's problem. But you know. You know coz you seen it, coz they pulled you through it, there ain't nothing fighting for them down here. Elsewhere though. That's different. And they know whatever deals you made and making and they see all her wars and all she done and everything that anyone has done to her. Their not on their own so they can hear and see and count and keep it all and they are for her and hers, forever coz they know shes all we got.


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