September 19, 2010

Aid Women

She said a few times, making sure I understood they are not in the best position to give support for that sort of stuff. Then who is? Not enough people talk, and those that do only talk about certain aspects. The only way proper support can be put in place for people like me is if people like me are supported properly to share what they know. Round and round we go.

There is always too much about confidentiality. I hate thought of what I say not going any further, we will never disclose.. please disclose away, thats why I'm talking. You don't have the training the support me properly use the information to find the right support. But thats outside our remit..

I'm supported my antidepressants and much improved sense of my own value these days. I wont be making the same mistakes.

I think I need a word with Izzy's man.

My god the lawyer dude was everything I could dream of in a lawyer dude. Old but not too old, grey haired with notes that must of been incomprehensible to almost anyone but him. He phoned his diary with the cut of date for the appeal. Talked fast and straight I was only in their about 4 minutes but came out very satisfied.

The week after next I better take a step back and get into 20th century lit or I will get too sucked down by it all. Knowing that next week I am back into war poets, revolutionaries and the social context of art will hopefully help me focus. By god its all going to shake me up
such a fucking release to through. A wait off, blinkers removed. Colours get brighter, fresh air gets fresher. Caring for we man gets effortless and simpler. Something to keep in mind when I'm being looked at my older women with similair accents, builds and social backgrounds to women who broke babies in their hands.