September 09, 2010

today (part 2)

He eats lots of bread and honey, some bread and cheese then a banana. Its a while before footie and I don't want to sit in front of the telly all that time so wee go outside. I suggest the playroom before noticing there isn't any cars in the car park. There is no one let us in and he throws a tantrum. Pummels me with his little fists, screaming 'No Sorry' because I say im sorry the door is locked. I walk a few steps away and let him scream feeling very ill. Then we go outside and play rolleypolley. He has probably forgotten about it but I get an apology and a hug which makes me feel a little better but still pretty ill. After going up the climbing frame and down the shoot a few times we go inside. I do some ironing to stop myself from having a spliff.

On the way to footie I wished for about the 5th time this fortnight that I had shaven my legs and was wearing short, or at least shorter trousers. It's lovely and he is in his buggy, happy to be outside he loves watchin the world go buy in his buggy. I love the exercise and being able to walk at my own pace. At the hill I have to negotiate and only persuade him to get out half way up. The first half, he shouts 'you can do it mummy' as I try the push his weight over the ridges but I have to give in and pull the buggy. He runs to the end of the grass, then a little bit more when we are over the road before we decide its best he went back in.

The footie is brilliant, I laughed a bit much and one of the coaches gave me a look. It was worth it to see a young cute bloke and an older one who looked a bit my sisters ex but smiled more trying to organise the kids. Almost everyone in his life is female, his family, his doctor, the staff here. I want to show him that men can be good with kids to.

Seemed even warmer on the walk home, he wasn't too interested in the cottage pie, but he picked out the carrots and ate loads of peas. After tea he peed in the toilet standing on the stool. I would rather he had just stood on the floor much less margin for error but he did a good job. Minimal messin, once through katies ferm, a wee while to read by himself and its lights out, job done.