September 30, 2010


As usual
I only remember good advice when it's too late.
I've been told not to disclose to people that arn't properly trained or emotionally equipped.
Stupidly I answered as many questions as I could even though I wasn't comfortable with it. After all these years still a disclosure whore, giving it all away for fuck all.
In the middle of asking about the babies and wee ones slaughtered while people laughed, I never mentioned the laughter I couldn't remember anything the way they were speaking to me. She has a go about the state of the flat and suggests that the mess is the reason I have a cold. She has a point but the timing was awful, really insensitive. Behold the all mighty power of women's aid..
I don't think so..

After I got my mate to come down with an inhaler because I was getting light headed and not my breathing wasn't working right I felt much better. Asthma, chest infection, coughin up the steroids, no reliever.. They didn't even give me a warning just showed up in the morning. The police said they don't interview people with mental health problems without a someone trained to help me. That makes sense..

Hearing them say I was putting wee dude at risk by letting my mum take him up the road has actually made me feel more confident. Don't think I will bother too much from with the follow on.