September 26, 2010

good work, great works

I got a lot done today really and I resisted the urge to not leave that flat by putting some washing out and taking it back in again.

did she, didn't she? Is the women described in a poem called fighting talk who lifted a child out of my arms the same women I opened a door for on Monday? Is this another job that has no objective other than taking me down so I can be taken out. Or is just me seeking out risk in the belief that if I go to it I can limit the damage.

She hasn't gotten back in touch since I said I had been talking to the police, she's a very busy woman.

And tomorrow,
take the house, refuge is getting me down. Be prepared for phonecalls, from law. Phone the support, don't let her get me down. Training is limited in depth and width, she is doing a job this shit is not her life. Ask if she can print stuff for me.

Do other stuff, no names no writing about past, go for walk, study, clean, talk.