September 07, 2010

law surgery

It don't think going to get legal advice alone is an option at the moment. I feel my eyes rolling and my blood pressure plumating at the thought of it. Hopefully I can get someone to come with me, then go to a and bs afterwards, for a chill out. It will not be easy.

The bloody overview again, yuck.

My god the weather is fucking awful, the only people outside are running, sideways rain. Wee man quiet at the moment. I'm breaking the rules in the kitchen, during the day too! Not eating any fruit today, weve ran out and I'm not going to the shops in that. Left overs for tea, pizza, sausages and frozen peas. I'm sure it will work for him.

Talking about the myths surrounding domestic abuse and got good marks. Except the bit about people who come from abusive families being more likely to be abuse, I always get that one wrong. Hate the thought of people who have been treated right maltreating others. Surely, its not their fault they are fucked up. Let ,it go.

That difficulty, that by addressing problems you internialise them. It's not our fault, it happens because we are woman. Its not generally put like that but it boils down to that.
Which is the same as 'I hurt you because you are a women.' I know its all cultures all backgrounds but I wonder about certain personalities, in certain cultures. Everyones story is different so how can we believe that it would of happened anyway. Domestic abuse, it can be very personal.

Before it used to bother me a lot more. I was abused because I was special, powerful, lovely, etc. That was not always the case, a lot of it was down to me just being there.