September 27, 2010

posting stats

I do love the stats, over 100 views now!
The further away they are the more excited I am, one view from Vietnam, cool.
Very shallow I know but it takes my mind of the letter to accompany to subject access request. No more than 4 pages... giving details about reported incidents which is very difficult because all the trauma, mental illness and drugs makes it pretty dam near impossible to remember single incidents. But I remember trying, memorising things that happened which made things worse at the time and is still inaccessible.

Think I will talk to lawyer first, not sure though.

'Personal touch quean, thats how you got us'
'But I've tried, over and over and over.'
'Please. Give us a chance, were on tenderhooks.'
'Your on tenderhooks? Trouble sleeping? Problems giving your family the quality time they deserve?'
'Were sorry. Please. One last try.'

'I'm still working adamt I!
I keep thinking its my life now, my will, my needs but it isn't is it. Everything its all just another job. Another pointless, soul destroying, unresolvable truama.'
'Our wills are the same, you know they are.'
'But you can go home afterwards.'
'You think?..'