battle lines

Well Pabs programming is anything other than we that it would be "what is the news said a meteor was on its way? Not a meteorite mummy a meteor there is one ever 10000 years.." "what if this glass in my hand exploded mummy. Ever since I was hit in the head twice with a tennis ball I cant stop thinking of explosions" "this is how I speak in my dreams to the aliens.." When we suggested that if a meteor was on its way we would have to leave our stuff and he started crying.Well tomorrow is tomorrow after all.

We he said the shit about the tennis ball and after we road the wave of anxiety we said loud and clear "that's a trigger honey. .. Just means you got a scare.." and whatever else we could muster like "we gotta your head fixed honey"..

No fucking way is he going back to that school after the break. We will be able to burn this place down and head to Glasgow with him this year. We cant stay in this house or this area. You sick fucks.

Ok. We don't get out much or at all and when that's going on we always know the few opportunities we do get to go out are part of the problem not the solution. And of course there is all the stuff with Jacqui talking about her and CIA, NASA's ongoing programming and abuse of Pablo and tomorrow. So unless we decide fuck it find a part that can find a reliable fire arm we will probs give the talk thats going on in Pablo's school tomorrow by two Nasa tools a miss.

You know for reasons I'm pretty fucking sure have been pretty well illustrated by now. Even if their plans have changed since the last time we checked. He is going to be safer here. Hopefully..

fuck u world... seriously ..

Of instructed of course we are remembering Scottish Police involvement in taking eggs after were back in Scotland. Isnt help us feel to safe as I'm sure you can imagine. The did the blame bigger bully thing "we wouldnae hurt yi its the CIA" is what they have been saying for 20 years of course and they usually only ever talk to the English, very rare for anyone on the books CIA to have any contact with them at all. Rare we said not never..

Their "it's all the Brits fault" stuff is some quite wonderful material and there are speckles of truth about how it all started but mostly a fabulous example of how the Satanic CIA operates. We were happy to spend long hours listening and reading from them with an eye out for any signs of someone that didnt expect us to believe all this crap. All we usually got was way too exaggerated to be real.

"Your in a room with me alone Sir and you dont expect me to be aware that we are being watched."

How they tortured their own sending them to rescue us just for them to slaughter or capture them.

How when we told some really high up NASA guy everything that was in the building in terms of surveillance, mental and emotional modulation was horrendous. "Scotland levels" we called it. He didnt like that..

We watched and puked our guts up as they all went back into work the next day.

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