June 05, 2016

Fascists versus Socialists Sir same as it always is. With us anyway..

How often do we see "Italy" in our stats? Somewhere between rarely and never. "Just break your heart anyway Quine." Front page internet its not like we dont know that it all varies between a suggestion of truth and fiction. We fucking hate you fascist internet engineers. No one has any time for "I had no choice" once we show them you did.

"when the women that play you are all dead who do you think they will go for"
"my daughters of course.. but they will always be after all of us anyway and we are a lot less concerned now that you have just told us your intentions"

He sounded all smug and male and completely groomed to believe that they are all power as long as they act like they are all powerful. And denied everything. Then we started listing details. Cant hear enough of that rapists' smugness evaporating. He changes he's tone. Starts talking to us like we were a junior male staff member. We list more. He's talking to us like we a direct inferior now. That's enough for us. We end the call.

That was in Dundee of course not last year. Of course.

He would of had to speak to one of his bosses before he would of felt able to talk to us "man to man" and our interests will never be served by talking to people like that. People who can not drop the bullshit everyone is invested in and talk human to human.

We promised our Grandad we wouldn't be scared to talk about anyone. We were in an outside cage and he was holding us tightly leaning against a back wall and felt the fear and disgust in him when Cassius Clay was brought in. He was walking, talking. Not drugged, being carried or beaten, walking in past the cages of humans chatting to whatever horror CIA he was with. He told us to never trust him. We must of looked at him like he was a bit mental. We felt that. We couldnt think of him reacting like that to a person before, what a person was going to do surely but this was different.

We will never trust anyone who makes my Daddy feel like when walks past. Besides dad have you seen the footage they put on TV he's obviously on something and probably insane. Boxer's preaching faith and love.. and people by that. Someone in a cage above us agreed and there was some talk between folk who still could before a guard gave them some abuse to shut it down. It was then we noticed everyone in cages today apart from me was dark skinned and we shuddered and held our Grandad as tight as we could while we still could.

We noticed more and more how people were being taken in were considered to be in demographic groups.

"But if they are racist and sexist and everything grandad they aren't going to have a fucking clue what they actually taking through those gates. Grandad we need to know what they are doing to peoples that arn't either of us so we can help as them as much we can."

Those fucking calls from the calls when we in Dundee. They were fucking mental. "Dads" would say we must never talk about it. but they didnt let us near him anytime we were not seriously drugged so we never knew what was him and what wasnt. Or if any of them were. They hated our little survival loop. "He can't be my daddy because he raped me."
 "He is your daddy, he did rape you and were are going to make sure it does it again and again."
"He's not my daddy anymore then. He's a rapist."

The more they tried to make "daddy" and "rapist" synonymous the more we would drive the words apart, not in a fathers dont rape daughters way but that a father who rapes is not a daddy and his rights, roles, duties ect even if he meets them will never make him a daddy and if ever had any love for them they would stay away from them.

Hated the smug look on their face when they thought they found someone sicker and more experienced than them on stuff they couldn't get to hold.