June 12, 2016

Exploding Humans.

I'm born and bred in the compounds and factories with natural potentials than had me ear marked as someone who could be broken down into something that would take over from the old Nazi and other source programmers. This meant privileges when we were very young to show we were one of the fascists and not one of the subjects. They would take us to their posh homes, put powerful or very valuable objects in our hands and tell us it would be ours one day. We knew we werent alone though. We knew we didnt have a choice and not in the way they were telling us. The issue was always all far to go along with it. The longer and better we pretended the more we saw of how they operated and the closer we got to doing real damage to them and their systems. Of course though, the more damage I saw the more damaged I was.

 So from tiny babyhood we saw and were being trained in what they were doing to people and how they did it and what the long term plans were, what the brain damaged hate bots running the compounds thought was going on what the investors who never or rarely set foot in the places had planned. They weren't going to stop us destroying stuff, they had their own plans for the victims and for us.

One of the main activities that went on was brain surgeries and experiments with brain injuries but there was lots of other surgies to, reproductive related of course but also inserting small very small explosive capsules inside the bodies of children and adults and then showing the victims the video of them doing it after. How horrific is that, how could we fight to keep a person alive and have hope of surviving with one of them in them? They had us scrubbing in and present in surgeries since toddler hood and they put monitors showing babies horrific stuff running hour after hour so you learned so much more than you knew. Jackie Law was a big presence in at least one of the compounds.

 It must of been so awful for kids and adults who had other lives before. When they didnt injure the brains they just kept them starved and raped with one of them inside them. We shared as much as we could and didnt listen to the voices who said we should make sure they never found out we were sharing and that the best thing to do to help people was to do as we were told. We had listened to them. We had been present in a brain surgery. Where the just keep drilling, and probing and cutting and inserting. Never again. As if just being a slave and not being one of them who had rich, comfortable homes was enough to make me agree to be present in another never mind 1,000s or 10000's more.. Showing them how much we were telling people stuff was they changed our program and thanks to the double agents got put in a cage with our grandad.. lots!!

You cant run home to your loved ones or cross to the other side when they know you are riddled with explosives. Although in reality most of the people who they put them were also given so much brain damage, receivers, modulators, things that emit electrical pulses, hormone excreter etc that they had no idea who they were before. How much they broke us by exploding intelligent, sensitive children by exploding them in front of their families I don't know. We do know they didnt really start successfully mining us until after the wall came down and the only real organised resistance in the Industrialised West was destroyed, driven underground. As literally underground. And any other way anything alive anywhere could think of to hide and protect and limit the total fucking purge that was unleashed and is documented else where..

 Lots of the RA kids were told they had them and no amount of us telling and proving to them that they didnt would change their behaviours and get them to challenge their programming. Christ its just as well they never picked any of them to replace the source programmers. They weren't smart enough. Not smart enough to be selected for the elite, was not smart enough to not know when to challenge programming and also not smart enough to be used in the worst of the breeding or be exposed to the real worst of what was going on.. 

There have been years when the scale was so massive that a a lot of people had them and we take them out but the people, people who tell us we are not helping them or their theirs by having explosives removed from their internal organs would work and be worked so hard to stop us.

It was so fucking isolating. What else could we do but start filming and sharing whatever we could. Not like it would be hard to get cameras, access to uploading tech, feeds, or servers as we were being victimised by and with the surveillance and pornography industries.. 

Woodside Hospital Aberdeen.... (not that ARI was a place of healing) .. Just on the edge of the town on the road to Westhill where the absolute worse of the anti humanitarian work was ongoing on in Aberdeen.. Or was until we battled our "evil twin" took her in to autopsy, showing her real definitly adult non ours face under the mask, the utterly waxed legs and pubes, which we compared to our full head of hair at 10/11 but only after we took of the fake hand skin, ran her prints through our multi agency system where it came back as "Rose Hendrix" Nasa employee.  Cause all scientist women in their 30s or 40s go for the full wax huh? 

We didnt do much autopsy after that. Just rolled her over to the inciniator and set the timer. 

Outside the Italian military where there (Tia Amo.) to see the destruction rout when the incinerator sent of the explosives. Double stripe? Triple stripe? Several Singles and a few others? dunno.

Outside the caravan we saw a group of single strip Brits dressed as Italians standing the round the corpse of the same as them. Keeping him safe for the fascists adding for shit in in an attempt to restart it or for harvesting. There really was only one thing to two. The Brits invested a lot in radio, radio to control their military application meat puppets. Radio that controls the shit in their head that controls their movements and the bomb but they were pretending to by Italian military and we knew had to let some of them keep the weapons or their slightly less meat muppet controlers would notice. Sure enough. We linked up to him and got him unholster and point at the corpse while sending signals to keep the others blind to it. 

Quick warning to the actual Italians and others around, trigger pulled, the corpse goes off and we see one, two and the start of a third and fourth before we under the coroner and several other livings. Our body judders a bit which he mistakes for a cry but it isnt and we say after everyone has picked up themselves and has started picking off bits and our apologies have been brushed off, "I think Anaiese would of approved.. and Robert." No one disagreed.

We did get to hug him before he died. Anaiese helped and others.

Ours are either much less or much destructive, Mk1, Mk2, Mk3. Mk1 will hurt you if you standing near one when it goes of but probably not kill you. Sounded like gun fire that was quite far away when two went of in our Fintry living room when we where next door in the bedroom. What a mess. But no burning on the walls or structural damage. Mk 2. issues with bones resolved. They go off in packed clubs and there is no "collaterol" but everyone is very, very messy... It's bit RA I know but hey fuck you. They are remotely triggered. So there are no scenes like there was when guys in proper explosives suites were trying to lift the three women explosives bags very gently down the stairs when one off them went off and hurt off the guys pretty bad.. We helped him onto Pabs been very gently and dozed him up and went help get the other two out. At least one of them was a lot easier to handle now.. Been there. Its very painful for days. Everything hurts. Everything inside, everything outside.

The most important difference of between the stripes and all of their shit compared to mine is mine doesnt go off if its moved after the host has died. 

Can you imagine what would of happened if we had let Scottish Police in on nights like that. Hint: they only way they will get access to armour and bags like that is if they given to them by us or ours. They are of course filled them all sorts with all kinds ongoing programming and triggered going on.. all of them.

Mk 3 (4??) thats a bit more destructive and will and has taken medium to large seized buildings down. A hotel once. Atl east. It got on the Western MSM and everything, not us claiming responsibility and explaining what was going on on it the hotel and what else had to be done to stop it of course. But locals knew and the national government listened after that was what mattered most to us.

Our forces are out there. Always. Removing and returning those that were replaced by such horror because the fascist scum thought they had us and put us in charge of the murders and the murderers..

Ohh. Incoming message .. to Comedy Central and the BBC from the folks at NASA who don't keep children or adults in metal boxes for fucking and mining.

We are coming for you and we know everything. Everything.