June 16, 2016

Fuck You Vatican

We know no contact and no news does not know that no one wants to contact us and that there is no news. We also still know we are alone in Britain and all the worst antihumanitarian shit is untouched and ongoing. We can still feel that Reading station. Just like we were programmed to through ids that still stroll in and out of BBC, NHS and/or government buildings. We were kept there tied up a lot. It's Britain. Keeping high IQ children drugged up and in various kinds of metal boxes, putting explosives in them that will go off if they are rescued or sometimes, just gently held is what all industries and officially sanctioned "creativity" just like the US.

The U.S is bigger though. There are much more resources of all kinds. It is possible to find people who will listen, who will act, who recognise the only borders are between people who acquiesce in such total control and total fascism and those who don't.

We could hear them last year. We knew there wasnt any more children in boxes of the basement of Nasa buildings any more and we didnt blame them when finally got another Sonny out. Comedy Central's. The horror U.S networks and the British slavery enforcing masonic police and organised crime are always very, very close.

To see new to the clean up CIA destroying the brains of a group of christ what can we call them, I'm sure militarly me will have some very specific terminology. Hard to call them humans when there is that much tech in them and that much near and far control..They put a sheet of transparent plastic over us but after what they did that day and depending on what they did next they could have Quine tech privilidges by now.  For a moment we could be.. they asked us if there was explosives in them we said "and worse. If you see terror in us its not a rape or DID programming trigger Sir it's cause they are riddled with all sorts ..and there's rape and DID programming."

We always love just sitting and watching as information, skills and technology are being shared between people our evil overlords who rather never met never mind sharing everything they had with each other. If shit like that keeps up they are doomed.

Another pile of corpses that look like Radio 1 DJs but we all knew that the DJs would still be with their "families", never left their "work" and were with "friends and associates" the whole time. Chris Moyles and his pair, Spoony and his. That should be the last of their decoys though. Not necessarily though. Ah this is Britain it's me they design those places to keep us out of.. yes while also forcing us to stay here..

Wasn't normal day to day life for the new to this or newly awakened CIA they were varying from pale faced and speechless, to obviously dissociated, to pukeing his guts up. Never apologise for puking your guts up over this shit Sir, everyone experienced concurred. You have no idea what sound means to us. How hard we have all worked for that mess you've made there..He got a pat on the back and some words of encouragement from a passing Italiano. Seemed to work as well as that does for us.

Pale was sitting on the road next to a colleague.

"Dude did you get how to help dissociated colleague training?" We said and nodded towards his colleague who was obviously dissociated to fuck. Sitting there listen as mother fucking CIA gave each other umano anti dissociation aid. So fucking wonderful. I wasn't the only one who had to employ some of those very seem techniques to get through it.. We didnt them to see the state we were all in over it. Their faces, the cloaks they came out for under fine whatever, the state we were all reduced to over the new umano CIA, no, look away Sirs..

Obama on the blower. Nae bother. Hilary or Trump people we will not be willing calling or taking calls from either of that pair they are the same fascists, half dead, institute program. Exactly the same shit will happen. Exactly.. "Your taking Milne now yeah?" We could feel the enthusiastic head nods he's the president though so its not like he could not get even a partial fucking brief. Showing long term FBI Louise Milne got the same faces I got when we banged on a van full of guys who knew us as an American Forces friend and sometimes boss after walking out of a Royal residence..

All those fucking years, all that surveillance and the FBI didnt know what the Quine's actually looked like or who they were actually related to. Thats just it "all that surveillance" They were searching for us. They would have me and Louise searching for ourselves. Sick. Cunts. It's devasting for the FBI too they who had be told to find these children at any cost and given budgets.. Poor buggers.

Not. Happy. People.

So good to finally say to Amanda and Katrina after we picked ourselves up and reluctinatly left the field.
"Girls see that group of Feds over there taking DNA swabs. Much sure you let them swab you, actual you and give them your locked in box Scottish name."

Off they casually strolled. When made like to then wisened the hell up and stayed to assist in the following bloodbath which might of been the or at least one of the longest running gunfire battles of the day. We had just a signal to one of the Feds who were all alive bar for one who wasnt there anyway to cover the table in their lovely plastic see though sheeting. Jokes over that of course as we scraped, wiped, rinsed etc ourselfs off about ffs girls did no one else think to bring clingfilm? While we individualy all messed up to the shit we were carring after collectivly agreeing it was probably best we didn't. But it was bloody good we did.

The Feds would of noticed us all switching. And certainly noticed as we were forced to hand to hand our self defense items over to masonic scum while Feds who were about to take DNA when it was possible to ensure they only got theirs. Quite a moment. Trina did the wise as fuck dumbed down thing with one of them. Giving him repeat samples because the guy was saying their was multiple donors. We did our best. And certainly made a pretty good job at swabbing every kid any of the three of us came into contact with here in Scotland.

Milne out the fucking country, the attacks it triggered almost entirely contained. Almost was enough to demonstrate the effects that shit has on us.

There has been times when there was kids in those boxes and CIA/Nasa Nazi program carriers across the British mainland and the Americas installed and showed their plants and tolerant locals who to use and maintain them..

Might just be me and Pabs left now on that extreme end of things.


It was shame the field had to be cleared so quickly. In any other country it would of been possible to preserve the scene longer and let more folk see. They would have to make do with VT. Someone complained about it to us and we agreed but said that this was the only place in the world where all these old well protected well cared for human coders and dissocation experts . ould agree and it be agreed they would all be sent to at the same time. He looked shocked. Yes I might be here Sir but remember how the masons and the rest have kept all information from getting any where and its a fascist stronghold of course. The hospitals, the schools the government buildings have never been cleaned. It never stops and their will never be any intention of it stopping. The stations Sir.. the shit that is being blasted at me and shit the stops us from reaching our friends or collegues" We motioned towards him took a deep breathe and continued. "Our comrades. Its untouched. They just turn it down .. or up.. depending on what suits them."

We turned back to admire the field. "Easier .. possible for you to know more know though." all splayed out in by nation or language. Amanda kicking that guy's head off. How fucking marvellous that was. Too marvellous we got quite distracted

Jesus imagine if this was Italy or somewhere hot and not bucketing down. It would stink in seconds.


We completely stand by our comrades declaration of land war to start a year from then a year ago. But I think that's quite apparent.