June 14, 2016

The Purges. (1st draft)

Thank fuck for the German's and when we got there after being pushed back from up in Scandanavia somewhere, Marseilles. German's of course had seen it coming. There was plenty there that had survived every kind of buracratic psyduo scienticific Satanism that had crushed everyone around them. Plenty humans around in positions of authority. Orders were switched on a massive scale. Hospitals, schools, industries, militaries and business who deal with dead, were cleaned by this side and not the other. We knew there was nothing that umano FBI could do in the states they would just be destroyed but working with what the fascists were doing to corpses in Germany while they heard everything they loved in what many of them still thought of as their "home nation" kept them safe and Germany in the end to.

"Don't believe everything you are hearing. We are evacuating some areas by force and letting the enemy think they have taken them" We kept telling them. You see it actually click in some and others had to have it explained them in their own language in clear terms by their peers, there isn't any "nationalities" there is people who put shit like this in all the dead people they get there hands, people who keep living children in metal boxes and people who don't..

We saw you sometimes when were still had lines and when it was just you and me and we had to try and not hate ourself for being glad we finally had some time alone with you..

Jesus how our Italian wept when she found out his "nationality" she knew the last 20 years were a gonner and wouldnt be able to explain it to the rest of us without also explaining it everything out there that wanted us destroyed and didnt already know.

Our face screwed up "British hospitals down" that couldnt be right. Be asked someone to say and translate what they heard. "consolosated" yep that is more like it and then something about the schools that few bothered listening to because it was nothing we didnt already know. It's Britain. It invents, it hoards and it teasures a perfect balance of horror and ignorance. You could walk into peoples houses and find them lieing there and you could wake them up easily sometimes and say what was going on and what was planned, force them to took at their streets, their skies, what was being done to their family members but they would just push you away and go back to pretending it was too scary and looking at the pretty pictures prepackaged for their vacous nature hating heads.

Any sigh of life is fucking trap. And it always always. Living heard the evacuation signals before or when it was ongoing as their distress calls quietened it was like it often was. Their was no dead heavy air but a peaceful stillness, like the night before Christmas songs and dreams we sent out to the kids to protect whatever was left of their minds.


the Ukraine station, then later this morning/lunch time Timbuktoo .. feel it..