June 15, 2016

ever decreasing circles eventually go pop

Yeah we will most likely be coming back to all that.. Mental. The fucking whole fucking world has either declared war on you UK or refused the fight against us and you are all pretending it isnt happening or wont effect you..

We've remembered what we found when we peeled back Jon's face.. Someone had been here before, once as an adult an once as a child at least but no obvious sign of physical trauma. A lot of effect for a trafficking network to go to.. or was it attempts to keep him out? Lizzie said she didnt know but like she could talk but me and Margerat always find a way. Oh yeah that fucking voice in our head saying "Russian" .. did the KGB say they were missing someone and feared the worst. Dude I'm more Jewish than you are.. Vlad shared the DNA profile. Oh thank fuck.. yeah Putin eventually being able to talk to the KGB and vis versa is kind of one of those "oh we might not always be slaves things" .. but it will take fucking years..

oh my god.. all those files...

Goddam British Nazi breeding programs.. ah well at least I've remember who my mum is and that is fucking cool. She's fine. Her head's fine, she fucking mental but thats fine she's our mother she has to be mental.. She's Janice. She's still Janice.

Here you go. One picture of me and living family tree which I still can't see fucking all of. Bits at a time. But still not all. Taken in Tuscany. What a jolly family joint that was..

We gathered the coffee shop around and opened the picture. There was nothing but gasps, swears, the sound of dropped crockery and the sight of blood draining from faces.

Eventually. Everyone is sitting down. "What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?" He's searching for something in yiddish we can tell but he can't find it. We did though. It's not currently translatable.

Sir you how there is issues everywhere with DNA and DNA files and we do have files and databases we you show you but its really hard for us and would result in a security nightmare for yourself what with the masons and all.. And youve been really respectful because its obviously not just me that is fucking this shit up for people and besides you cant get near any of our systems anyway.. Well we thought we should show you this as an example of what we are dealing with here.. My friends... and you know who I mean by my friends don't you Sir have really encouraged me to share this you and start opening up our systems to show what else we have..

I hadnt puked yet but we were starting to dissociate really badly. Breathe out. and continue...

It's not getting to the bottom of things thats the issue here Sir. We have all that. All of it Sir. It's always been getting information out to the people who need it safely that's been an issue but is going to become much less of one..

We were floundering. I put myself momentarily back in one of the cages, in one of the metal boxes then back to the present. Oh this is ridiculous.. Back to basics. Who or what are speaking to here specificaly? We thought of our most clear headed bro and squinted at the fucker.. ah ok thats helps.

Trying to sound as we had but moving towards being more confident.

Sir are you aware that we got everything out of the Vatican we needed.

Much better. He's wasnt looking so confident now. We knew the routine he would act like he was taking it all seriously say some good sounding stuff then go of and order us to be killed. We knew this system Sir. Come on. I've been in your lecture rooms you fucking trained me yourself. Individual's don't exist in systems like though. We saw who was approaching and who would be given the order and we were physically cringing at it. Ah well. At least we don't need to have the "yeah about your boss" conversation with him now.

It's alright I'll deal with it. He was up for it though its not just that Sir he's riddled with tech and explosives and we need teams of people to deal with sort of stuff. Another portable incinerator down. We left with our arm round a dissociated CIA guy he sounded about four as the Russians and Koreans playfully argued about the replacements programming while the Chinese explosives people looked on in dismay..

As we were leaving the replacment started joining in with the banter in Scots and triggered us badly but we were leaning a pile of smiling parts so that helped as did hearing teams explain in English to the replacement how fucked the masons were. They volunteered for that shit. To not exist and be nothing but like in an chain that sought to keep down everyone. Our guy cackled fabulously when he heard and asked if it was all true and all we do was dissociate and nod and say yep..


We left Jacqui's before and after head scans for her and them to find in the basement of Woodend. The lab and theater someone built for us after the last one was blown up. Where we did some very fine work, right below where they did some of the worst of theirs. Someone wrote fuck you Jacqui on the light box between the scans. She told us she got the message in session but also said didnt believe the scans. Either off them. Hard not to smile when a long term destroyer of the human spirit tells you it doesnt believe you performed surgery on it.

No you wont. Even if someone if turning up the make Jacqui believe dial your not going to recive it. Dont worry you still have all your programming. It's just that if they want to contact or eliminate you they can do so through conventional means. You do know it was your mason police friends who organised it dont you. The same that took you up there to see it.. you do recognise that as something that they do or at least is done. To take someone back to the site of trauma and gloat and trigger someone.. Your no use to them now. You were supposed to fuck up me and have completly failed. And your a women.. And their masons.. Or at least that's what they thought anyway they are all victims of very serious mind control and brain damage and are very easy to manipulate, particularly if you know their triggers because you were forced to be there when they installed them or if you are very experienced with this stuff and could figure them out..

The DNA records Jacqui. Thirty years of different kids being sent to school or the doctors being told they are the same kid. Everything the NHS has done we recorded and it is all save.

That was the one she really didnt like. As we left Milne walked in and it had been indeed quite a therapeutic sessions. We knew like the CIA bloke we had said the thing that meant she had to call a hit on us. That meant Jacqui Law called a hit on the Quine through the Scottish masonic murder networks..(...)Which meant heaps of folk playing us the phone call and phoning to ask WTF..


Ah well. Had to get a hold of you some how.


What was it that made us puke so much when we put in in the attic back in August 2014.. A dummer downer we called it, a dream fuckeruper, they have scripts for our dreams for the next two years do you want to see them?

Cant even go in the room now it feels so horrible in there it always did even when we got it looking nice. It's the 16th tomorrow..