Little Wing

Have you ever leaned against a wall in camp site in Tuscany and watched the smile on Keith Moon gets to grips with a drum machine you designed and built for him while one of your dudes who really needs to get some calories in him attempts to eat his pasta. Mission impossible. Obviously. We gave him some space goo. We always ask for it to be around for ourself and others would have problems eating or cause their is just no fucking time. Taste like shit of course but your not going to pick something off a tree or through something together in a kitchen that gives you everything your body needs like that stuff.

Have you ever played with him, Jimi Hendix and Prince at the same time?

Can you turn out all the lights?

Did you know the bad guys had the power to turn the lights out and still would if it wasn't for us?

Ever sat in the shade watching loved ones you haven't seen in years go about crushed lives, watching them struggle to keep their body language subservient around oppressors and struggle just as hard to stop doing that when they are out of bastards and their spies eye range. Did you put that bastard oppressor's ring in the palm of said loved one moments later?

And then did you have to tell said loved one with a couple of facial expressions and eye movements to not hug you and keep quiet.

We slipped off after him without the guy who was good to us when we were little noticing. We put up a shield to work but a bairn spotted it, put their hand through it and H2Oed it so we had to hurriedly wrapped our thin cardy over his face and got a couple of camp site stuff to help us shift him to the refrigerated van. We didnt want them seeing the face of the deceased because they were young lads they would of freaked and blabbed. When the lads at the fridge came out and we got him up the steps into the van the cardy slipped and one of the boys got a glimpse of the face underneath and was rock solid. We had no more worries about that one.

Do you know the real deal with that Donna Summer track?

Or that the original title and line in Jason Marz's "I'm yours" is "It's war."

Victims no. 1 but the higher up the food change the more they know how lethal and well connected we are if you stop blugeoning our mind ten minutes. We told not go out on "our own". They either already know or find out quickly that we have been fighting for our life unarmed the whole time and its so bad that the "amnesia" isnt a trauma block, or programmed fearful part over riding all the others, its like brushing your teeth in the morning, its changing gear on the drive home from work.

Who trained, encouraged, showed the toddlers to give us rounds of applause.. Thank you..

Their was a big butchers knife centimetres from Pab's face. Seconds later the little bugger is clapping like mad.

The only light is from patchy moon light, cloudy, curtains half open. Theres blood up the walls, across the mirror. 2 at my feat, one closer to cot and one in the door way. I'm trying not to break, covered in spray. Hurting everywhere. So tired it feels like if I closed my eyes for a second we would never wake again. How can anyone live like this?

 Then "yay mummy" and he's jumping up and down in his cot. Covered in spray. It's on hid teddies, blankets, everything. We think we are going cry then go for a bow instead. Lift him out the cot and go wash us off.

I'm not the only one. That is what "life" is for us..

None of this can be happening.

It's happening.

Links were lined up so people could hear how the people who get rich "working with us" actually treat us.
After a couple of them we felt like we could go home and settle down happily for ever. Except we didnt have a home and if we did they would bomb it, we were in serious constant danger and we had a heap of ongoing plans with people we really wanted to see again.

We didnt get through the airports without some bother that wasn't a surprise but we never expected was the level of support.

In the camp site I'm not sure what the first one was. First one for which part?

No one was recognising us. No one that hadnt been told. It was perfect. We could sit back and decide at lesuire where to start. We spotted someone who we knew didnt know us but we knew was sound. He was speaking to some prick and you could tell by the lack cap doffing in the body language to the prick that this wasnt someone who was born or fallen into anything too organised. Think he even shook his head and said something in disgust once the prick had moved on.

We got his attention. Italians with ongoing mafia issues. You dont need to jump up and down shouting "yoo hoo" to get someone to notice you. Generally. He made the international facial expression for "who the fuck are you and what they hell do you want from me". With our nose and finger we motioned after the prick then made our hand flat and made a cut motion, then nodded after the prick again and smiled. His eyes were pretty big and was giving a bewildered smile as we got up and followed the prick, making the same just audible shh sound we made every time any of them clocked us following someone or walked into something in the first day or two.

Back at the table with Margo and Pablo he looked surprised to see us again and we made an exaggerated face of innocence, he was sufficiently intrigued. We sat back and waited for the calls came to come in and all his buddies to start talking about all the pricks that were going missing. We knew some of the blokes that would be joining him would be looks we tears to see again and was so glad we got to see them being themselves before they knew we were about and could slip of to greet and get cleaned up before giving the bewildered dude the nod to let him know to point us out.

We saw them eyeballing us as we sat at the table with Pabs and Margo. The evening entertainment was on and the place was pretty busy. This was after Elton's John's two had being publicly carried out of a holiday park in body bags because as friendly I were often are with them there was no way I was telling the FBI the full trip or taking them up to the refrigerated van. Various others were missing, lots of angry heavies.  We weren't worried about going for a walk into dark with three of them. We were worried about someone trying to help us. We buttoned down the murder lust and looked like someone on who knew it was all over but didnt care. Someone who knew enough about the blokes but hadnt figured out us yet noticed we didnt say goodbye to Pabs properly just ruffled his head or something. We looked right at him and saw someone lean in and knew he would be staying put long enough.

We want as little involvement from other people in stuff like this. These men have not been told how lethal we are, people would of tried but they wouldnt of heard it because they think its impossible, they are misogynistic scum and people the have vested interest in are telling them they are way harder than us. These men did know how much we were being sold and raped and that pregnancies and babies were a big part in. We had programmed ourself with some basic Italian without anyone's help to be triggered in this very specific situation and persuaded them to leave one of them behind. We probably made out like we didnt like him or were too scared of him but it was because we know that when he's not surrounded by brain damaged rape machines hes cool.

So relieved as we walked past the restaurant through the main site reception are and towards the shaded path that leads to the lower swimming pool. As we walked past the fountain we were getting concerned that it was way to obvious we weren't scared. We glanced at one and saw his fat lips twitch in smugness. We didnt look down but we guessed the three of them probs had massive erections at thoughts of what they were going to me and to others after. There was a guy in holiday maker gear walking towards us and we saw the chill in him when saw them. Quick eye contact with us and the professional that he is the blood drained from his face and he looked very much like a guy trying not to look distraught while we knew inside we wasnt scared. Not one little bit.

Down on the path with the sound of their breathing, holidmaking not that far away and all our senses turning up in the dark making whatever bush that it that makes that stink almost unbearable. There was that second of oh i cant do this coz it triggers the oh yes we can. We played with them. Took out the boss first, couple of kicks I think. Then smelt the fear on the other two. They couldnt run. Leave the captain and us alive and be seen running away from the scene in a very public location. Number two, he was the strongest and most experienced and we let the pair of them think they might get somewhere before he was gone. We guessed if we could see Smug lips probably wasnt looking so smug any more, he start taking his piece out. Not supposed to be any gun fire. Tourists don't like it. Campsite owners don't like. Think we went for his neck. We heard Kaleo's No Good. Throughout. Need the work songs. Dont know if thats Soviet or US in origin, but with something that works that fucking good its got to be international. All the best shit is.

Sang the "Wont to you no good" line as smug limp body slumped and gave a satisfied little girl sigh before looking up to see a couple with a kid about three/four looking down the path towards us, we were surprised but then just smiled. There faces went from shock and horror to fuck yeah Rose is back.

 They introduced themselves said they were British intelligence sent over to watch whatever was going on and not get involved. They look quite keen to be involved. We got a hug from the bairn. The woman was saying to trust us and we told the kid that was true but you cant trust everyone who looks like us. The kid gave us a hug. We were glad of it and said so, those were three very nasty fuckers.  Took a hug from the man and the women to. We werent so sure about that but the woman's was genuine and couldnt not say to the bloke "Nope. Still no weapon Sir" as we walked away as the woman shook her head and the kid laughed at him.

Before anyone had noticed we were back we just stood and stared. How different people look when people that will hurt me for even remembering them are not around. We saw the back of the guy. One of the guys he was talking to clocked us. Standing there, trying not to be overwhelmed, trying to keep our knees functioning and arse off the ground. Couldnt walk. We could see him for looking for folk behind us. We just shook our head. We knew they were starting to remember us now, cause we felt the same height and same age as when we knew them before.  She smiled just at him and briefly we attempted a power stance but failed and started shaking instead as the guy who we refused to let come along turned round to see what fucking ghost his mate was gawking at.

They caught us. I think. It goes a bit blurry. There is lots of tears and hugs and garbled Italian/English/Quinese think some Russian, German, Chinese maybe to in there.. Lots of being padded down, limbs and clothing being lifted to look for injuries and/or weapons. Our head bursting all wanting to talk and hug people that were all there but all that the same time until we all just ended up laughing.. and crying.

For a bit. Then got up brushed ourself and each other of, decided who had to know straight away if poss and who needed to not know. Other that and we were firm about this, nothing else for the next few hours, calm the fuck down and act normal.

Just like we said they would. They just kept coming.

Sometimes we went to the fridge van just to cool down. Couldn't use it for autopsies though. Caravans without air conditioning in warm September nights in Tuscany are not ideal. Someone suggested we take it outside and everyone looked at him like he was an idoit because of beasts and insects and then we put screens up and did just that. Everyone was slick with sweat with sweat. There was some minor issues with furies attempting to steal and run with intestines that someone had put in a bag on the ground.

We were sitting on bank drinking and watching and laughing by this point so didn't give the guy to much grief for leaving them there while he worked after we said its best not to.

"Hey. How'd you think we learned?"

"How do you like me now" by "The Heavy" was also on heavy rotation.

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