Not very impressed by Katie Ford, preferred the Sophie Kinsella we got from a neighbour, think if one more character is described as “attractive” I may start ripping out the pages, chewing them up and spitting them out. Would be much more interesting if more time was spent describing working on the long boats and giving characters some kind of depth we would enjoy it much more. Dont know if we will go back to it know as she has had sex with a bloke when suffering from nervous exhaustion and im not remotely interested in romance and the humour is just too weak to keep us going back. Was given another by the same author that looks like it might be even worse. Everything always goes so well all the time and any issue is instantly resolved with no real exploration of how learning curves tend to actually feel when your going through them. Yuck.

Its been really bad today, not pain as its eased a bit, not hunger as we sold a couple more games but the need for weed. Probably partly triggered by being woke up this morning before 9 am after an unpleasant excruciatingly night by a text  from an unknown person offering “dyno supers weet 10 a gram” their typos not ours. If its so good then why are we being txted about it? Maybe just someone who would intoxicated and in need of cash at 9am on a Saturday fucking morning, going through their phone. As it could only be from Fife its kinda suspicious too though because we are not completely ignorant of how much we are talked about so it would be known we have left, no one was ever straight with us and there was always ridiculous nasty bullshit going on. Have resisted the vague curiosity to find out which specific ridiculous nasty bullshitter it was.

Are quite likely to be getting a little tipsy when the money comes in, then feeling a mixture or morbid anger and depressed loneliness and regretting it. We keep telling ourself though that the weedlessness wont be forever its felt like it would be in the past to but wasnt. Just gotta keep on clinging on.

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