November in June

Very much enjoyed yesterday’s bolognese even if we did have to go for the cheaper mince. Stuck the left overs in the freezer before Pablo had time to help him self to seconds or thirds so there is a decent amount left for a meal on another day. Bought some fuck it wine to help with pain and what pain does to us.

Mirroring the weather a fair bit today, definitely going to invest in a heater at some point, storage heaters are utterly useless if it suddenly gets cold. I fucking hate the cold, makes us even less likely to do anything. Did put a cover on the spare duvet so we could lie between them. Very comfy, couldn’t help slide into sleep after taking pain killers because its been really bad, even worse when we woke up. Toilets not for purpose dreams are back and a really uncomfortable very strong desire to masterbate in them to but we cant find any privacy and if we do succeed in achieving in the dream its very painful and we always wake up in a lot of pain, zero arousal, libido or interest ever having any and a “i dont think that was our vagina” uneasyness.

Been looking at cheap laptops and trying to decide if we should get one asap or do the sensible thing and wait a bit, at least until after we have worked out a payment plan for the electric. Need to set up a direct debt for the broadband to so they will stop calling and giving me a horrible fright. If it was a person we would explain this but it’s usually automated like with eon. Think its pretty shitty getting robots to harass people whose payments are late. Robovoices dont make for good customer service ever but they are cheap and dont need time off or any other kind of rights.

Speaking of which watched “ I am mother” with Pablo last night. He said he quite liked it, he couldn’t not see the droid as having real feelings even after it was exposed as incinerating previous kids who didnt get good enough exam results. I thought it was pretty awful and not nearly has entertaining or intriguing as the trailer. It was pretty creepy when it ran but other times we couldn’t help thinking we found the robot from the original Lost in Space series more convincing, the awful cheap satnav “female” voice really bugged, as did all the answered questions, like how the fuck did the kid learn how to smile, what was the point of it all, where did the dog come from and where did it go, what was the point of the scene where the mombot gets the girl to shoot her after stating it was just a vehicle like the rest of the drones, were the kids actually being bred to have high practical skills whilst also being gullible idoits who dont understand anything about computers. Guess that would make some kind of sense, does the kid actually think mombot is gone or that she can handle her as well as however many babies she decides to gestate, over twenty four hours (?!) the bleak as fuck ending. It was all a bit half arsed when it could of been so much more.

Finished the Durelles now to. :( Jolly decent finale, sniff..

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