Limited Capabilities

Tears yesterday over pain levels, today pain not quite so bad but still tears this time because we heard back from universal credit, no more sick notes, more money and no request for a face to face assessment.

We just need to hang on for another week or so. Yesterday we decided not to put ourself through nicotine withdrawal again so had to sell games for food. Had so sell a couple last week to for ingredients for his cooking class. He came home with a pretty tasty curry. Very cool. He doesn’t know yet about the games that we didn’t get very much for but does know its going to get a bit easier soon. Such a relief, more fresh food! Less cash related anxiety, misery and subterranean self esteem. Pishing Eon and their shitty customer service and price hikes will get paid just not all at once of course. We are not getting that much of an increase. Have been forcing ourself to use the tumble drier less because of it though even with the stupid pain. Not tomorrow though its forecast to rain all day so no need to water.

Would of been good of course if we could of sorted this out back in January but we couldn’t. Coz we are not well and just organised a flit alone.

Just to make sure we feel entitled to it pain levels have stayed fucking stupid. Stingy, burny. Got a bit done on Thursday mostly in the garden. Grass tidied up, repoting, feeded the front was hoping to tidy our room today but managed very little. What we have succeeded in doing this week is burning through Netflix leaving us in need of another season. Binged on the new series of Good Girls and Happy. Both effective distractions. Happy, though its fairly a bit of everything. We didnt know we could stomach it but like the first series any scene that has us thinking fuck this and its scenes of a sexual nature and its theme of one big rape joke is followed by something we are so glad to see, so relieved, so amused by. Suspect it has some writers that are truly zeitgeist understanding, intelligent, socially passionate creative geniuses and some hate filled pervs we could happily dispatch. We maybe said that last time though.

Watched some adaptation Alias something about a 19th century Irish immigrant to Canada with an abusive father who ends up being charged with two counts of murder and a shrink who wants to figure her out. So we seem to be handling supernatural DID telly a lot better. There was a WWI film we got through to, Journeys End. Effective portrayal of the pointless and massive human loss of the trench war fare.

Saw a couple of episodes of Historical Roasts that gave us a chuckle, especially Harriet Tubman.

Family next door have been tidying their front patch but the tiny little kid has gone in because just learned to speak chatty cute voice makes us feel weepy. Hope there is enough energy in the one hidden object game we have going on Pablo’s tablet to level up. Game has been being a prick for not giving us anything we need.

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