November 26, 2014

No one is free unless everyone is.

No one is free unless everyone is.

Then why watch the porn when you dont know or care how it was made. What happened to children to put them on paths that gratify you when their hairy bits eventually grew in to be shaved off again.  How the directors and producers pressure, blackmail, drug and steal to get whatever they want.  How they started us very, very early, telling us 'this is what your for, someone has to do it.' You like to watch strangers have sex, everyone does it, its an evolutionary thing,  for all you know they do get pain and are allowed to say no just like your boss takes no for an answer so what's the problem?

No one is free unless everyone is.

But you dont care that your anonymous masks trigger people who were hurt most by the systems, organisations and individuals you claim your fighting, people that have a lot of insider experience and knowledge about those systems and individuals. Your camaraderie means way more than us being raped by  people wearing the masks long before of you were called march in your millions in them to intimidate the people that put me and the rapists and those masks in that bar at that time with those orders.

The people you know are your friends you trust them you know them of course they mean more than a victim like me who you dont know and is isolated from ever knowing anyone enough to trust them enough to tell them what we went through and whats going on now. You trust who you trust so cant take us seriously when we say that there are many you cant trust and there were representatives of state and corporations present at anons inceptions and drive many of its aims and activities and always will and there is tech around you cant image. But good luck with it all anyway.

No one is free unless everyone is

You want to challenge child sexual abuse but if a victim says your sources, your allies, the public figures you want to lead this fight who are in a position to raise awareness to get something done have made deals with traffickers, have committed horrific attacks as adults have consensually signed the secrets act have handlers you would rather believe them than us. Because they have reputations, public reputations. You say you understand that abusers come from all walks of life, not just Tories and creepy DJs not just men that they put themselves in position that put them above suspicion but cant tolerate an accusation against someone you like or just happen to know.

You know the press is propaganda, that its controlled that its heavily censored one way or another that the BBC is run by military intelligence and full of sex offenders but maybe not that those offenders were trained in rape, child abuse, murder and mind control and and we dont mean by saying things that aren't true on TV and radio but real mind control the kind involving torture and extreme trauma but no amount of us saying so will stop the BBC from being RTed into our timeline or will stop you watching Newsnight or Mock the Week or going on the Newsnight or Mock the Week or taking BBC contracts.

No one is free unless everyone is.

You know horrific things happen to people that are invisible, by people who arnt and people who are and they are protected by skilled and powerful apparatus and the prejudices of the general public and that the police and press are corrupt but still you take nothing seriously without evidence but evidence is impossible to find or provide if people like me are not taking seriously when the press and police are corrupt and inept.  How can you look in the eyes or read the words of a 12 year that has been raped uncountable times and whoes baby she bonded with inutero because the baby was innocent and would love her and would loved to be loved by her mother and found a world that was good and the opposite of everything she knew in the eyes of baby Rosa and her siblings in the moments they had alone after birth and between the attacks because she was strong and just kept breathing before eventually the abuse was fatal and it all happened in her bedroom and her parents told her to go to school the day after and then say 'prove it' and believe that you are not also an abuser.

No one is free unless everyone is.

But you care more about your privacy and 'wage' slavery than the actual slaves that make your entertainment and whose invisibility protects your world view. Easier to blame a state or Rotheschilds, Rockerfillers, Westminster, Zionists, Tories, the military industry, patriarchy, racism whatever than examine your own life choices and your own entitlement, to consider that most of your sources were written by slaves in rooms full of people typing what we were told between warehouse rape for your porn, between murders to fuel your theories between cooperate meetings because they use us to spy and cause our intelligence was useful and formidable.

Easier to blame a new world order than study history, study the history of Western cultures and the history of history to see there's nothing new about it expect the connectivity many of us know have gives us a chance to challenge it like never before. The 'New World Order' could us being heard, could be you being all you can could be us all shining light on everything hidden but cynicism is much less risky that breaking out of your tight little groups where you feel validated and safe and seeing you and your friends tastes, your likes and dislikes for what they are or what they might be. Easier to search the web to distract from your own desperation to continue to be anything above the bottom rung. At least your not me at least your not them.

We are not the 99% because we are not counted.

No one is free unless everyone is.

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  1. Oh, that is lovely Daff. So well said. You are TOTALLY right. What a brilliant piece of writing. What a breath of fresh air to scour the pompous miasmas of the mainstream "Truth" movement. There isn't that much genuine truth in it, is there? Good enough people trying hard but just a little too attached to their slaveries. Anyway - must stop rambling.

    Hugs and thanks from someone who has jacked it all in. Please keep writing.