November 30, 2014

Goddam Press

Not wanting to cut. Just weepy so we are here with Pinky Pie and a duvet more House on Netflix colouring books on standby.

Works doesnt it? The talk of children's toys and colouring. Childlike behaviours means we can't be trusted and makes you feel a bit ichy. Good old fashioned 'otherness', adult rational, child irrational.

Obviously not in a place where headlines bring relief, a sense of light being spread on the darkest corners of our society. Just triggered. A well planned beam putting whats outside that directed glare even further into no where land, a pitch blackness as thick as soup. More mentions of Exaro on our timeline, another unfollow.

Buckingham palace, the possible murder of a Scottish bloke stuff like that doesn't just 'come out', there is total control in the media over anything vaguely relating to Royals and the high level white abuser networks. Stories are timed for release, worded to cause anxiety and hopelessness in victims and survivors.  Sources and publishers carefully selected, money assigned, careers arranged. All this as far as we are concerned was negotiated between the big players and their pets back in 2000/2001 and decades of meetings and power struggles before. Lots of programming to keep everyone in line with little chance of even seeing possible alternative directions never mind actually coming of the rails. Lots of torture for us to make sure the stuff in the press doesn't cause us to get in touch with parts that can really talk, with better or total recall or can contact outside people that would make us feel better, stronger.  When this is in the papers, these parts will follow these orders - making sure we remember nothing that results in useful disclosers just flashes of building fa├žades, corridors, agony and hopelessness. Triggering terror, weakness and that creepy dei ja vu.

We worry about suicides with every headline and what is all ready and waiting for people who come forward without the rhino skin of of having done so before.  There is still little if any genuine support or challenging of the apparatus of corrupt police, charities, mental health workers and the general heartless ignorance that keeps survivors down. People are being triggered and asked to come forward, needing to believe its true when they hear its different now, that they will be taken seriously that there is appropriate support available and there will results. If your name isn't on list to be used as an example of how things are different, or if you didnt make a deal with them then you will be let down same as always.

 Its a dangerous time but its during the dangerous times that there is really any chance of getting off script of something unplanned by the top ring happening, something that cant be managed, something real.  We said and thought all this after the Savile story broke but nothing changed as far as we can see, doesn't make it any less true now.

Good luck, keep breathing and I love you humans with humanity.

On  more positive note, thanks to the Gabapentin the curtains are finally up! Ta dah! And the mirror also made of mess of putting up the hooks for the backdoor but not to worry will sort it out when we decorate the kitchen. Gabapentin not quite enough to stop the need for weed though. Only weed does that.