April 17, 2018

Dear David,

Hardy annuals. Thought you would appreciate them. Its hopeful seeing flowers from plants we put in a year or more ago. It got us to acknowledge the garden exists again and is ours for the time being. We might even of done some clearing up out there because there is sunshine but its stupid windy too. Ventured force into town today. Bad weather is fine for spending money on the garden and one of those cheap home stuff shops has lots of cute bits and pieces. We got little ceramic painted pot waterers, a tall metal flower, some bulbs, seed disk, a couple of jars with straws, solar lights.. We didn't buy dude any razors yet but we did stand and stare at them for a bit and accepted a little bit more that we will have. There's garden cushions in there to.. 

Haven't told him yet but we ordered a chimina.. Hoping he will come home from school one day and we will have a good little fire going out the back. We have been researching fire pits and such on Amazon for a while now. Detached grill, comes with rain cover. Cool. Lots of future and weather permitting cooking and eating outside. And burning things and watching them burn...

Its okay we can write about how miserable we are to. The not so farness of the worst times they so very far away good times. We love you David. The overwhelming joy and the unending persecution and betrayal. All those baby boys over all those centuries. All those broken girls. You don't need to listen to any of them anymore. You got every we need you to know. Where will we meet?