I wasn't wearing my star when they came to the door

We took it of because we were gonna be in the sun and with the intention of cleaning it a bit before putting it back on. Also because we wanted to know we could just take it off and put it on again if we choose. After they left it was one of the first things we did and made sure it was showing when we went to shop with our teeth brushed and face washed. Hot water bottle know for the first time in a good few days. Unsurprising. So good to see the kids though and see them look so thriving. Unpleasant and uncomfortable being around the adults though but we all did a good job of pretending otherwise. We never said anything when called "Jules" or "Julia" but will have to as Deek did leave with our new phone number. For the kids of course. My name is Rosa. Am a victim of forms misogynist and antisemitic slavery that are both ancient and modern as was my mother and her mother and her mother before her. Your all cunts. The genocide is very real. I am wired to make sure I am committed at every level for long, short and medium term survival.

We screened those eggs you gave us back Sir. Some of the kids weren't keen but when they learned about where they had been that complelty changed. Thank you for making sure they all now know your intentions in regards to wiping us out because you can't make our natural abilities work for you are a ongoing and unwaivering commitment.

I love you Davey. Gonna go make more tea check ma games. Its always been so much worse than now and that's a relief but its never sad to. 

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