April 27, 2018


Jolly excited. Saw a deal that was wood, kindling, firelighters and one of them long lighters that should be delivered really soon. And the plug plants that are all from same place have also been dispatched. And of course still stocked up freezer and fridge terms. Well we need milk and marshmallows. But that's all. Some big skins would be good but the bank balance has been severely annihilated. There was a set with hedge trimmers and three other types of pruning shit for a tenner.. And we put the wine box on the list before we knew about g..

Candle and ornament rearranging weed..

I really don't want to be smoking it all waiting for the fire wood so we can smoke it under the moon. Could clean the kitchen but we will have to be in there later anyway to cook the spag bol. The wee shop has stopped doing the Aberdeen Angus mince but we found it on ASDS. Hell yeah.

Man its great we have finally stopped freaking out long enough to easy way to get photos we take on our phone to the tablet that's big enough to be useful. Yes it helps us with our human origins but twisted up through torture need to share. At worst we grow our flowers and share it with whoever and whatever through blogger. Think we've had a few dreams about going back on Twitter. We are not curious enough to go back on to see what if anything people are saying about us going back to writing about genes, genocide and ancient and endemic antisemitic slavery rather than the sanatized "ritual abuse" stuff and focusing on the misogyny.

If there is any people on Twitter..

I'm not takeling that living room with the main source of the filth in there. He can help out with that before much else when he gets back.

Still really excited about wood and the flowers. Its gonna be stunning. We've been adding summery songs to our Spotify list.. Bought jeans that we may even shave our ankels for.. Got a flashback of showing one of the boys how to shave using our ankels because he was staniding in front of the mirror without a clue what do and we were in the bath. In Skene. We think.

Other places and other boys to.

It turned up after we had cleanered the kitchen and downstairs toilet floors and had tea. Perfect timing really. Kindling is wonderful. Long lighters are very useful. Big bag of silver birch that's a little too chunky but will see how we go.

Fire, sky, moon, loving it and didn't feel too much of a failure when we took skinny ma linky sausauges that hadn't fallen to the flames or to the ground and Jess in the house and into a frying pan on a gas cooker.

Had a shower and got our hot water bottle and a cup of tea. We are chuffed but we have that fear that allowing ourself any comfort any happiness will stop any efforts to help us because we are considered fine and safe and nothing to worry about. We wouldn't be feeling so good if we were in real danger, if people were not working to get us out. We can feel okay whenever we can because we know it will help them not slow them down.