April 08, 2018

The Winter returned

You do feel closer Dad and family but not close enough. Brain patterns have been particularly repetitive and irritating, the precursor to an attack from slaver bots who are long gone. We know to stay as calm and comfortable as possible or it will get worse. Its the boredom to of course poor brain desperate for something to do or something good to read that isn’t toxic bull or endlessly reproduced drivel.

Tell you about our day? We woke up soggy at about half ten when pabs climbed in our bed and complained about the sound our soggy jammies made against the soggy sheet. Hes right it isnt a nice noise but it doesn’t feel too good either. We chucked our old sleeping tshirts and havent bought enough new ones yet and was really glad when found the only other one we have dry on the bathroom floor. Was hoping to get some xxl tshirts this week we had tickets to see a kids show at the rep but the snow came back so we couldn’t go. Messed about with games on the tablet we do that a lots they can be a good distraction when we are not too sore or too upset then they just make us worse. Why does the inhabitants of Happy Street talk such total filth? Wish the pirates werent so sexist, a cheer leader? Seriously.. and one that sacrifices the ships health, both the healers are female of course and then there is “Castle White” where all the characters are just that.. No escaping shittiness and social divisions on phone games .. obviously. And why cant the energy in seekers build quicker we love the pictures and sounds. Have even returned to the three in a row garden one and are currently working on fixing up the pond. It will no doubt look spectacular if and when it gets finished.

Texted a dude about weed who said he would be round last night but didnt respond today its a new guy we got the number from the hash guy who gets pissed off with us asking for weed. We texted someone else who at least got back to us to say he would be touch if he can get some to us. Pain is not good and will probs get worse because we ran out of the pill because it never comes with our repeat prescriptions we always have to ask for it twice. Its maybe there now we havent managed to chase it up. We have the codiene even if it does seem to be making us feel a bit weepy as well as sleepy would rather just havw the sleepiness or no pain at all that would be even better.

The kid from over the road came over, that was good for pabs but the poor kid really irritates us when we are irritable and we are irritable a lot. Had pork and noodles for tea, later on we watched some Snicket, the hospital one so that had us clinging to pabs a bit. He eventually got into the books after saying he didn’t like them, the box set was in the charity shop window before Christmas and we had to buy them. We wondered if we would be up for rereading them ourself but cant. Although we are remembering our real past more and more we cant quite do it yet.

Thankfully after Snicket we were up for changing our bedding and taking a shower. After that we looked at the young persons mental health book we got for pabs with him for a little bit. He would rather talk about Harry bastard Potter or Stranger fucking tools of course but hes still picking stuff up. The book seems okay but not brilliant know kinda superficial and the trying to speak young person gets kinda cringy.

In our nice clean bed in our nice clean body now with hot water bottle, cup of tea and cheap after Easter chocolate. We’ve been thinking we might be up for going back to the dentist because if there is  any abuse we will be able to cope with and they tend to not give us so much awfulness when we are able to handle it. We would prefer to be safe of course though and have someone to help us, especially after.

How long? Knowing we most likely have the answer to that and are not hinting never mind sharing does not fill us with much hope. Love you all and get a fucking move on.