April 18, 2011

100th American Pageview

I was going to write about it but couldn't work it out, watching to much Al Jazeera, head full of the foreign policy that contradicts the rhetoric. I didn't want to think about Americans in those terms. It's at 109 now and still no Africans or Italians.

Not as sure as I used to be that if I could I would go to New York as I used to though. It feels like a lazy dream, a dream that doesn't attempt to think about other places where wierd chicks can fit in. I think if I'd of gotten anything decent from the tribunal I would of bought something in Ireland even if it's still to bloody northern. We could of had our garden, a home of our own... boo hoo

Godot - tomorrow. Seriously though, at least its started curl up with the dvd and the text for a while and I'll be almost done. Then it's vegatarianism which is a fair bit easier for me to get philosophical about than pornography. A lot fucking easier.

And a break from studys to write once these courses are done, well deserved I think.

Found the lost respirdone as well, no more picking a script from the chemist twice a week like a common drug abuser. Found it in exactly the same place when it should of been which wasn't so good, but thats drugs for you.

Can't wait to get into the book properly, the first chapter in homage to teenage stoner me and her philosophing which is of course in homage to a 6 or 7 year old would ran out of books and started looking her parents open university stuff. Which I guess in a gruding roundabout way in homage to the parents who didn't have a tv. A chance to move on from the systems on people who made all that philosophing at a young age necessary.

Hoping to make the most of the last blast of the studys though. Once I build up a bit of steam of course. The Marge Piercy, Ghost Road Essay I do want to respect the texts and the course but I have lost enthusthiasm some wot. Wonder if the is anything pleasant suprises in my inbox yet..