You know you are avoiding studying when football becomes interesting..

Place is pretty minky but we've been out in the spring time, so pleasant when outside it's unpleasant. Warm winds, rich sweet smells and birds giving it laldy. Big wee man running along with a big grin on his face and his curls all bouncin.

Fair bit of regret about not making more effort at the the tribunal or at least taking up more of their time. Giving bastard holiday advert and get a flash of that gotafukootathere feeling. There will be more holidays... surely..

He's happy, but he would love more, more outings, more traveling, more pals, more clothes, bigger variety of food... Even with money I would probaly be a bit slow on socialing him sometimes but he doesn't have big sisters making his life a bleak foreign film.

emailed of 'psalm' which sound definitly shoulg be called 'song' and is only called psalm after a girl I never quite got over, despite her being 80% bam. No reply yet but its only been a couple of days, someone is bound to. That will feel pretty good, so much as went into it though it would feel better if I don't have to push it to hard. long though not the usual '40 lines or under' I fucking hate that, 40 lines or under. Do you want a poem or some words arranged in '40 lines or under'???? hmm

Ouch. Brought the pill free days forward because I was sore anyway and am handling in my usual stoic manner. god damn thats the wine finished, nevermind trevor soon, remember dreams last night but forgot them again, there different, they've moved on I'm very glad.

Study area stinks, boy loves the computer, its in my room and he's a bit hit and miss with the potty training.. bless em.

Another dyke night coming up, much more sober this time........

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