April 20, 2011

Found energy to write back to lovely eyes..

quite a long reply. I've been chatting with Zep but he's rubbish. Very limited notion of 'flirt' think he expects me to keep telling him stuff when he doesn't give much back. Don't think so. He's from Motherwell anyway. Get the feeling he is looking for ass to take out all the frustrations from his last relationship on. Not mine.

Very handsome is writing longish interesting emails. He's a bit of a poet to even though he has a masters in business managment. Very interesting, educated thoughtful banter. He uses mock classical thous and shit sometimes which would probably make any one but me cring to point of vomiting, just makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

1 Easter egg down, should I break open number 2. It's probably going to happen.

It's not than unreasonable to exptect support from support services that doesn't make you feel worse. Every second I spend talking to people whoes job involves making judgments about me and who disagree with my self diagnoses is crippiling. It wasn't just the meds that made me tired and grumpy this afternoon. Its the effort of getting me and dude to the doctors to not be listened to. They try and maybe I would feel the same way if I was being treated for the conditions I actualy have instead of the one that is most convient for me to have. They probably still wouldn't get it.

They make me feel homeless.