April 24, 2011

Happy Death Day.

You have to mark them sometimes, let the little mes, slutty mes,the angre mes all come to day table. Even if they are medicated, drunk, quiet, wont eat anything but chocolate, or nothing at all.

We got out. I wasn't sure if it would happen but we made it out to the shops, parks, a picnic and a fair bit of walking. No egg rolling, but lots of egg eating. I cooked a chicken in my messy kitchen, mashed some tatties, microwave veg and gravy we both scoffed a fair bit. Still haven't written back to virtual but will.

Happy death day,
let all that violence, mortal and otherwise, bubble up and mix with the telly and the day's needs. Buy the pink wine, smoke good canabis, write whatever needs to be said, said it if you can.