April 19, 2011


It is April after all, when the sunshine warms more than the earth. Difficult questions answered 'what do you write about?' from very dark very handsome and 'what do you want to get out of the site' from adorably cute. Answered with coherence and intrigrity, hopefully and better spelling than this. Late nights early mornings from the boy are taking there toll wanted assisinated old pal for being rascist this evening. moaning about pols, espically the criminal ones. give them a break their from fucking poland for christ sake. if coming to Scotland to commit petty crime is a step up then on you go, there is always plenty of local neds to make sure they dont make that much profit.

Got new jeans today, helped by a lady who just happened to be there and saw us. A younger women held wee dude's hand crossing the road too I don't think they are all special needs. I wish I could accept it a bit more warmly though the assistance I got and we get from strangers. She found me a size 12 short length boot cut as dude explored the denim jungle. At least he wasnt particulary sticky at the point. I stood and stared like he was someone's kid Just to tight, if I'd bought the 14 I would well of broken into the easter eggs dropped of tonight. New cheap trainers and my hair drier back and might not look like quite so special needs myself.

Books tomorrow, seriously though bastard tribunal. Dvd and book I will enjoy it, wish there was ways of tiring out dude that didn't also knacker me to.