April 09, 2011

blob blog

have it!
the idea to link all my mad whore ramblings over the years. I written the first draft of the introduction and am sure about the title for know anyway. Of course I have instantly lost confidence in whole thing but can see myself plowing through to get an intial draft down using notes and seeing where it goes. It's the later drafts that will be hard and hopefully the most rewarding.
Bit of pain, lots of pain even, tearing through the rations. The high strength codine seems to be assisting the chapter headings and sending of new song was all done under the influence. Wish it came easier without artificialy lowering inhibitions.

Fuck it, think match.com might be getting my money after all, got an email from badboy24 wouldn't mind seeing what he has to say. Mad isn't it readers, intelligent young woman fighting and strugglying against violence and abuse and who does she want to talk to? Badboy24, messaging would probably be all I need anyway, then try and find Cutelibrarian37.

Profile hasn't been updated for a while...
'medicated single mother seeks motorbike owning thug to help work through issues'
'large breasted poet seeks beautiful intelligent idealistic artist to destroy through her superior understanding of exactly how fucked up things actualy are'
'romantic and loyal writer looking for nonconformist to play footsie at breakfast table and help upleash a party animal from a wall flower and treach a wounded spirit to fly again. Must be able to cook excellently, have GSOH and weapons training.'
I sense fun leaking from the future which I haven't felt in a while, not that sort of fun anyway its maybe just the codiene.