April 18, 2011

he sleeps..

Poor wee man needs out more a few rounds of boxing on the wii just isn't going to do it for him. Just put a good couple of hours in on match.com. It's hardwork, sent several emails and chatted to some fool who calls himself an alphamale. Cute, to but you can't be cute enough to make that excusable. Running out of blokes with nice eyes within 50 miles of where I am to contact. I can't get myself to message. I feel ridiculous but I'm having fun enough looking for something in their profiles to respond to in an email. I think there quite witty but arn't really getting me anywhere so far.. There was a bloke who mentioned in his profile that he couldn't get masculine peg bags. I mailed to say my mum made them from pillow cases and coat hangers and all he needed was a masculine pillowcase. I was trying to be cute but maybe its aspberger literalcy.. There is poet/scientist in glasgow who I had to mail, with a thumbs up smiley and an x. Sure he probably has slightly unhinged single moms much closer to home.. Beautiful profile though mentioned belgian chocolate, waterfalls, going to cinema for the food and travel in Africa. ticked an awful lot of boxes for me..

So I've had to leave the site incase he responds.