April 20, 2011

new meds

Well the resiridone might make me eat more but at least I can keep my eyes open after taking it. Tried the new one today, no frisbee, no parks, just the boy pooping his pants at my computer and me asleep in front of the telly. bollox. Bastard doctors.

Reading the leaflet scares the crap out of me. I remember heart problems and seizures that arn't in my medical records and wont be taken into consideration when meds are given. I'm not sure what to do tomorrow, supposed to take 2 at night and 2 in the morning. Theres no way I'm taken 2 in daytime but I need to leave it a couple of days at least to make sure I've given them the a go. I've got an essay due on friday, bollox. Wish gp would give me a hand remembering when I need refills to! I suppose I have to show I can manage stuff like that. Don't even have the energy to write back to my lovely eyes.